Saturday, October 19, 2013

You Have Endorsements Waiting!

I’ve been more active on LinkedIn lately, posting some content and connecting with colleagues. I’m wary of the endorsements and recommendations, though. At first, I was pleased that colleagues – some from the present, some from the past – thought highly enough of my work to endorse me publicly.

But what’s with ridiculous endorsements such as these?

—From a music colleague I haven’t seen in several years, endorsing me for my editing? I’ve never done any writing or editing work for him, nor is he connected to any organization for which I provide writing or editing services. How would he know?

—From an arts/non-profit colleague, endorsing me for my technical writing? He’s never read any of it. All my technical writing is done for confidential insurance clients, and never published.

—From a medical colleague of my husband, with whom I have never worked or even discussed the topic, endorsing me for … risk management? Really?

—From a former insurance colleague, endorsing me for my expertise in training? I’ve never done any training to speak of, and I certainly don’t list it among my skills. This person used to be my boss when I worked at a major property-casualty company! Training was never among my responsibilities then or now. What is the motivation for creating this misleading situation?

I don’t add these misleading endorsements to my profile. And I’m unlikely to reciprocate by endorsing these connections; it seems that they are just on a mission to collect endorsements. No, thanks.

I value more highly the endorsements and recommendations from those for whom I have actually provided services.

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