Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So Much to Love

In one of the online research communities of which I am a member, someone posed the question: “Do you love your work? If so, why?”

Oh, where to start?

First of all – for those of you who might not know me – what do I do? I’m a research consultant and writer, and the founder and lead researcher for Peregrine Information Consultants. We help businesses, organizations, and people to understand, use, and communicate important ideas and information. I spend most of my time on complex research projects, many of which include writing original technical reports for underwriters and risk managers, and/or instructional materials for business owners, employees, and the public. Occasionally I ghost-write articles for publication.

I love the opportunity to learn something new every day. Each research project brings me into contact with new ideas, and with topics that are new to me, whether it’s a new industry, technology, occupation… the possibilities are endless.

Nearly all the work I do is in support of risk managers and safety professionals. My contributions are important to their work of helping businesses to manage risk, and improving the safety and health of regular people at home, at work, and on the road. That is satisfying personally and professionally. My work helps people to lead safer lives.

I am glad to be done with office politics, including wasteful meetings, endless projects, performance reviews, etc. The only performance review I need (or want) is the phone call from a new client who was referred to me by a satisfied client and has heard that I do good work.

I can choose the people with whom I work, and I can choose the sort of work that I like best. I have been able to develop really great relationships with selected clients. Because of the “consulting” nature of the relationships, we are direct and open with each other about all aspects of the work.

My income is very meaningful to me: It represents the good ideas, good work, and good service that I provide to customers whose success means a great deal to me.

I enjoy the flexibility of self-employment, and the opportunities it has provided in the last several years, as I’ve dealt with family issues and my own illness. I've been able to be at home during my daughter's teenage years, something for which we are both grateful.

Since I set up my own shop, I've also been able to make more time for singing. I'm a semiprofessional classical singer/chorister and am engaged to sing in three ensembles. This has enriched my life immeasurably.

I could write much more but there's work to do! :-)

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