Monday, March 11, 2013

On My Desk

For various reasons, technical, professional, and personal, this blog has languished…. Now, it’s time to get things going again.

Though I have a pretty good daily routine, I don’t do as much writing as I would like. Oh, I do a lot of writing – tens and hundreds of thousands of words. But much as I enjoy the writing I do for my clients (, it’s not mine. Even preparing program notes for classical music ensembles (, which borders on creative writing, calls for writing on deadline with specific parameters and requirements. (Trimming my expansive program essays down to 1500-2000 words is just…painful.)

Blogging removes most restrictions, and offers an easy platform for musing, expounding, exploring, and sharing.

And perhaps even for answering questions, especially about the research process and how I help clients to understand, use, and communicate important ideas and information.

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