Monday, November 14, 2011

On My Desk: Storm Damage

Though it’s been more than two weeks since our big October snowstorm – the snow has melted, the power was restored several days ago, the clean-up of downed trees and limbs continues – we are all still feeling the effects.

Many businesses, including my own, really slowed down without electricity, phone service, and internet connections! I’m still cleaning up a lot of storm damage in my office. In my case, “damage” means delayed, accumulated, and incomplete work. Here's what the damage in one corner of my office looks like this morning:

Normally, a day or two without power or without internet would not be catastrophic, and I’d be able to go to the public library or another place where I could get access to a connection. But in this storm, where power outages darkened every town for miles around for nearly two weeks, there were not many options, and to be honest, we were all pretty preoccupied with caring for our properties and families during those difficult times. During the first few days after the storm, we did not have cell service, which made it a challenge to communicate to customers that services would be delayed. Our streets were blocked by downed trees and live electrical wires, preventing our driving out to find a place where we could get cell service.

To complicate matters further, the electric utility kept promising quick restoration, leading us to think that the power would be on the next day, or the next day, or tomorrow night, which delayed our seeking alternative work facilities.

Back to the clean-up.

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